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As we have been doing this for so long, we have so many hints, tips and short cuts that we have learnt and developed over the years, it benefits all of our clients when we help to train their staff on the operational and service side of the business.

We can develop training specific to a menu, and combine this with operations manuals and service aids.

If you are setting up a new 'cool refreshment' business make sure you have your staff trained the right way to start with, and you have the tools to maintain the right levels of consistency, quality and service as time goes on; new staff members need to be integrated into your operations.

Let me illustrate the importance of the right training, and the impact that this can have on your bottom line.

Imagine that your staff are consistently making two simple mistakes due to lack of training, the first being the over portioning of ingredients when making a smoothie, costing you an extra 5p per serving, and not concentrating on their 'upsell' in the right way, losing you 10p per serving. If your store is serving 1000 smoothies per week (not uncommon in smoothie bars) this is 15p x 1000 = £ 150 per week or a massive £ 7800 per year, straight off your bottom line !

Please don't under estimate the importance of getting your operations right when you plan your new store, contact us to discuss how we can help.
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