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Soft Serve
Imagine a soft serve ice cream, luscious and creamy, delicious on the tongue but with NO FAT and LESS THAN 50 calories per serving (100ml) - well that is exactly what our ProBiYo Frozen Yogurt is all about.

There is a new frozen yogurt revolution sweeping the UK and Smoothie Operators are perfectly poised to help you take advantage of the new taste revolution. Customers are demanding new and healthy refreshment options, and offering our frozen yogurt with a range of fresh toppings, is a taste treat that is revolutionizing the market.

Our frozen yogurt comes as a complete system, that is engineered to minimize waste and maximize profitability. We supply the ingredients, equipment and expertise.

Our ProBiYo soft frozen yogurt comes in our signature ‘plain’ flavor, very creamy, sweet with a light tartness to balance the flavours beautifully. We also have a ProBiYo base which we offer with a range of natural flavours, that allows us to bring you a huge range of flavours and combinations. The flavours we can offer include all the standard flavours you would expect, but go beyond the ‘normal’ with offerings such as ‘bubblegum, peanut butter, cherry, pina-colada, birthday cake, coconut and pistachio’ to name a few.

Our system and products means you do not have to mess about with hard to handle and difficult to manage bulky frozen mixes , giving you better integrity (food hygiene) and lower costs.

ProBiYo soft also gives juice and smoothie bars another option to consider, a very fast and effective way to dispense a quality frozen yogurt into your smoothies, and add a new healthy, fun and fantastic product line to your store!

You will need a ‘soft serve’ machine to be able to offer these fantastic products, but we can offer these too. We offer the complete range of Jet-Ice soft serve machines in the UK . Our equipment is top quality, and backed by an extensive warranty.

Have a look at our product video showing you how easy it is to make fantastic frozen yogurt.

Have a look at the operating profitability for our soft serve products and see what a great contributor they could be to your bottom line !
UK Distributor for ICETRO Soft Serve and Slush Machines
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