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Smoothie Operators has been providing smoothie solutions in the UK for over 10 years and we have a wealth of first hand experience in the UK Smoothie, Juice and Frozen Yogurt markets. No one has more experience than us in the UK. We are now able to offer the essence of our expertise as a packaged solution.

We have a range of 6 ‘Smoothie Pack’ flavours and our ProBiYo frozen yogurt portions, which are conveniently packaged in single doses to make the preparation of fresh smoothies a snip.

This allows you to easily add juice bar quality smoothies to your existing operation. The only equipment you will need is a blender, either use your own or look at the range we can supply. As all our products are delivered, stored and prepared to order from frozen, you never need worry about waste. The Smoothie Operators program ensures you have complete control over quality, consistency, cost and makes staff training and service times really quick. The Smoothie pack program comes with free point of sale material, is supported by a nationwide delivery network and online ordering is available at our internet store.

We currently offer six smoothie packs, which are -

  • Strawberry Banana Classic (strawberry & banana)
  • Blueberry Hill (blueberry & banana)
  • Paradise Island (mango, pineapple & peach)
  • RazzMan (mango & raspberry)
  • Strawberry Sensation (just strawberries)
  • Pineapple Orange Sunset (pineapple, banana & strawberry)

Each Smoothie Pack contains 100g of fruit. This is mixed with fruit juice (or milk) and a ProBiYo frozen yogurt portion to make a smoothie. It only takes 20 seconds to blend and if you follow our simple method you will deliver a perfect smoothie every time.

We always recommend the use of frozen yogurt with smoothies, our taste tests have proved that over 90 % of people prefer the taste and texture and of course making smoothies with Frozen Yogurt adds real health benefits (calcium and ProBiotics), while at the same time allowing you to sell this product without VAT if being sold 'take away' for consumption away from the premises. This obviously has a huge (20%!) beneficial financial impact for your business !

Our products are fully supported with point of sale in the form of counter menus, posters and table tents, and we can work with you to integrate our point of sale with your own marketing requirements.

We of course also supply all the packaging you might require.

Our prices are all inclusive of delivery (subject to a small minimum order) and we do mixed cases too, so you never have to take huge amounts of stock with every order, filling up your freezer, and with weekly deliveries it is easy to keep your customers ‘smoothie habit’ satisfied.

You can get in touch with us now or simply go to the store and order from there.

UK Distributor for ICETRO Soft Serve and Slush Machines
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