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ProBiYo Blended
We like to call our ProBiYo Blend a 'Frozen Smoothie' ! Imagine a delicious creamy mix of frozen yogurt and fresh fruit, blended instantly, to create a delicious, nutritious, fun and healthy snack.

That's the beauty of the ProBiYo frozen yogurt system, the ability to make a great tasting 'ice cream' with the flavours only limited by your imagination. The ProBiYo system is great on its own, or integrated into your existing menu ! ProBiYo blend is a perfect addition to any serious smoothie operation, giving a fantastic new product line and profit stream !

We have set up ProBiYo Blend in Cinemas, Food Courts, Shopping Centres, Mobile Units, Department Stores, Coffee Shops, Delicatessens, Cafes and of course at Corporate Events to name but a few places where we have helped bring this new cool eating revolution to the UK.

With the national focus on diet, obesity and health increasing all the time, the ability to offer great tasting foods, that have real benefits (as opposed to simply not being ‘bad’ for you) is increasingly important. Our ProBiYo frozen yogurt offers consumers a cool refreshment that is freshly made, tastes great, is low in fat and carbohydrates and contributes to the ‘5 a Day’ program count.

The way to make a ProBiYo frozen yogurt is to take some fruit (IQF from an attractive and eye catching display freezer) and blend it with a ProBiYo Bar. The bar itself is made with real biotic yogurt culture ! This creates a delicious frozen yogurt that is attractive, creamy, tasty and refreshing.

With our programs comes full support in terms of operations and menu development, design, installation, branding, logistics and training.

The program is eye catching and your customers will really appreciate a cool refreshment that is freshly made, and good for them. You will appreciate a well engineered system, with ZERO WASTE that will generate a really strong revenue and profit line.

Our Frozen Yogurt is fresh, healthy and delicious. You will make everything fresh in front of the customer, from the highest quality ingredients. Our sumptuous fruit displays get the customers in the first time, and the incredible taste and range keeps them coming back.

Have a look to see how ProBiYo Blend frozen yogurt can contribute to your bottom line.

Installing ProBiYo either as a dedicated offering or as a part of your existing offering, or even using the products at shows and events, will get customers queuing up to get one !
UK Distributor for ICETRO Soft Serve and Slush Machines
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