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Frozen Yogurt
The Frozen Yogurt craze is grabbing the UK and Europe at last (thank goodness we have been doing this since 1999 !) This new wave of enthusiasm for frozen yogurt is coming on the back of a huge renaissance in the USA, led by the likes of PinkBerry, Tutti Frutti and others.

We offer great frozen yogurt products, equipment and a wealth of experience that you will not find anywhere else in the UK or Europe.

We manufacture our own frozen yogurt products and supply these directly to our customers.

We offer two frozen yoghurt programs, both provide freshly made frozen yogurt, with a huge range of flavours, but with two very different ways of doing it:

ProBiYo Soft – Our range of frozen yogurt mixes for soft machines, led by our naturally tart, slightly sweet, very creamy, fat free signature frozen yogurt. We also offer a huge range of flavoured yogurts, of course we do the flavours you would expect like chocolate, strawberry and mango, but how about ‘birthday cake’ or ‘blue marshmallow’ to add something a bit different. Have a look at our ProBiYo Soft program to see how well it is engineered for optimum efficiency, maximum flexibility and great taste.

ProBiYo Blend – What a fantastically flexible product, great (and convenient) for use in smoothies, but blend some fruit (or cookies, nuts, candies etc.) with a ProBiYo bar and you have the greatest freshly made frozen yogurt around – and while it tastes great, it is also low in calories, and 98% fat free ! Packed with fruit we sometimes call it our ‘frozen smoothie’, have a look at the ProBiYo Blended page for more details. Find Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt, Frozen Yogurt store near you. Explore Frozen Yogurt Machine, Frozen yogurt equipment, Frozen yogurt business.
UK Distributor for ICETRO Soft Serve and Slush Machines
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