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Bulk Fruit
Obviously good quality whole fruits are key to making a smoothie ! The question is what is the best way to source and use various fruits ? The answer is our range of IQF (individually quick frozen) fruits. The majority of Smoothie outlets have seen the many advantages to be gained from using bulk IQF fruits as the base of all their product offerings, it is really the best way to make a fresh whole fruit smoothie !

IQF Fruit is easy to handle and of course has a number of key advantages over fresh fruit.

ZERO WASTE - you never have to throw any away, what you don't use today, you can use tomorrow !

ZERO PREPARATION - no need to spend time cleaning, cutting, chopping, peeling, it is all done for you.

PREDICTABLE QUALITY - with our IQF Fruits, you get the best quality fruit every time.

PREDICTABLE PRICING - Fruit prices at the market can vary enormously, and daily, with our supplies you know what the prices will be for a season.

BETTER NUTRITION - Our fruits are ripened in the orchard, in the field, and then picked and packed close to source. This means all the flavour and nutrition is locked into the fruits, and has not dissipated as much of the nutritional benefit of fresh fruit does in the long and sometimes tortuous route to market.

RANGE - we have a huge range of fruits, so your smoothies can be as exotic as you like.

AVAILABILITY - with our IQF range you can get your fruits all year round.

We carry a large range of fruits so here is a short list to give you an idea !

Apple - Blueberry - Kiwi - Peach - Redcurrant

Apricot - Cherries - Mango - Pear -Strawberries

Banana - Cranberry - Melon - Pineapple - Acai

Blackberry - Damsons - Orange - Plumb - Rhubarb

Blackcurrants - Gooseberry - Papaya - Raspberries - Organic Fruits

The Smoothie Operators range of IQF Fruits is delivered in temperature controlled vehicles to our customers all over the UK. So for anything from apricot to strawberries, Smoothie Operators can supply your needs.
UK Distributor for ICETRO Soft Serve and Slush Machines
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